150 books? In ONE year? Is that possible?

I want to read 150 books this year. So far I have only read a few. I am going to try to document/rate/review each and every book I read. So is it possible? Only time will tell...


Full Of love

— feeling love
When God Writes Your Love Story: The Ultimate Approach to Guy/Girl Relationships - Eric Ludy, Leslie Ludy

What can I say first about such a wonderful book! I read this a few months ago and let me tell you it was an awesome book! Well...let us jump right in so I can tell you about it. Eric and Leslie Ludy are a married couple who made a few errors in their younger days before meeting each-other. Leslie had many boyfriends and such that she would hang out with and so did Eric however through many trialling times they both finally gave the pen of their life to God and what happed was utterly amazing.

I loved the couples writing style. Eric would write 1 chapter and then Leslie would write another chapter and back and forth it went. Each point they tried to get across started with a story - a true story. The stories were not boring either. One story was particularly interesting.

A man was being sent off to war and he was at Grand Central Station. He was in the library thumbing through a book when he saw a young ladies fine hand writing he said he was gonna write her. As luck would have it her address was in the front cover. He was shipped off to war and then he wrote her a letter. She actually wrote him back(surprisingly) They wrote each-other throughout the whole war and finally when the war was over they were gonna meet at Grand Central Station. The lady had told him in a letter that she would be wearing a rose in her buttonhole. So he arrived at the station and looked and saw the lady with the rose in her buttonhole and started towards her. However as he was walking towards her he stopped...right in front of the lady was the most gorgeous lady he had ever seen. She had a slim body and beautiful features. He had to make a hard decision then and there go up to the gorgeous lady or go to the lady he had been writing(she was a bit chubby) He went up to the lady with a rose in her buttonhole and said "You must be __ __" The lady said, "Oh no I am not. That lady insisted that a wear this rose in my buttonhole she said it was some sort of test and that you will be able to find her at the restaurant." After this they were happily married.

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Anyway I told you that story just as a sampler of what was in the book. I have no negative things to say about the book because it was very well written. So...

Overall I think every girl (and guy) who wants to stay pure until they go to the alter should read this. Even if you have already lost your virginity you should still read this book because there is a lot of good content in it. (there is also a section for people who have lost their virginity and it tells them what to do) Great read and I recommend anyone who is 14+ and not married to read this - guy or girl alike. :)

Writing a dating book and you are not married?

I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance - Joshua Harris

I read When God Writes Your Love Story before I read this one. I loved it. (See review here) I just could not get I kissed Dating Goodbye enough. For 1.) the author is not married. For 2.) His writing style was very dull. (at least his writing style was dull compared to When God Writes Your Love Story. I honestly could not get into IKDG. I am sure it is a good book because I see it often but I just could not get into it. His writing style is not for me. And I think the thing that through me off the most was the fact that he had never experienced marriage before(and possible never dating/courting) So this book has gone onto my Frogged shelf. I am sorry I just could not finish it. When God Writes Your Love Story is a much much much better book!

Answering God's Call

— feeling angel
Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption - Beth Clark, Katie Davis

She stepped off the plane and onto African soil. She had really made it. After all this time she had finally come to place God had called her to go. The air was hot and dry. the ride to the mission station was bumpy and dusty but she did not mind she was in the perfect place at the perfect time, exactly in the Lord's will.

Katie Davis did a great job writing this book. It is perfect! She has a way of writing that is so percise and almost makes you feels as if you have crawled into her mind and can read her every thought. The reason why I like the book so much was because Katire relied on God for everything she did. A few times she did things her own way and God showed her quickly that nope nope she needed to pray and ask God  


The Lady with the Lamp

Florence Nightingale Nurse to Soldiers - Sandy Dengler

Sweat poured from her pores. The stench of rotting human flesh was everywhere. But still she took her lamp and walked the 4 miles of hospital examining everything. Rats crawled all over helpless soldiers. Water was so unclean the soldiers begged her to give them some water that was pure and didn't smell like rotten eggs. This was not a hospital this was just a miserable hellish place for someone to die. would Florence Nightingale succeed in making this hospital a nice clean place for soldiers and nurses both?


  • Florence Nightingale: Nurse to Soldiers was a very good book. Here are a few reasons why:
  • 1.) Dengler has a good was of describing things in a clear and concise way.
  • 2.)She covered a lot of details in just this one tiny book
  • 3.) You sort of felt Florance's emotions. Her frustration. Her anger. Her helplessness. Etc.

4.) Dengler added the plan of salvation in the Epilogue (which I thought was cool)

5.) throughout the book Dengler made it very clear how God was using her on her "mission field"


Here are a few reasons why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5:

1.) It was written for young children not a 16 year old. So it was very simple.

2.) I think thats my only complaint.... 


Overall I think this book was a great read. If you have a rainy afternoon then I suggest you pick up this book and read it. You will be glad you did.


Is there any hope?

— feeling horror
I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust - Livia Bitton-Jackson

In a moment Elli Friedman's world had flipped 365 degrees. Where she once went to a nice school now she was on her way to a ghetto. Where she once had many friends...now she had non. She hated the star of David she wore on every article of clothing. Her friends had left her because of it. life seemed pretty hopeless.

But then just as she is about to be sent to her death the guard sends her the other way...the way to a living hell....but at least she now has a chance at life...

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I loved this book. Livia Bitton Jackson is a very good writer. She was able to express herself so well that she actually made you feel like you were there. She made you feel like you had crawled into her mind and was helping her mother and herself survive. I have no idea..not the slightest thought on how she achieved this. But all I know is she is one of the best writer I have ever come across. She kept you on the ede of your seat the whole time.

There is not really anything I did not like. I mean considering as it is a book about the Holocaust it does have a lot of gory stuff in it. But what do you expect.

 This book is not for someone who has a weak stomach or for small children who have nightmares. There are parts where the girl in the book watches S.S. guards kill, torture, yell vulgar things,etc. at people. For me and my siblings it was a very emotional ride. And by the end of the book all three of us were emotionally done. It strips you down to your bare emotions. After reading I Have Live A Thousand Years I looked at life in a completely new light. In a better light. It showed me that things don't matter. The only thing that does matter is life and

if you can somehow keep your mother and brother alive in the most trying situations you can and you are a hero in my eyes. 

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Even though he book is very depressing I recommend you read it. If you want to know about the Holocaust but don't want to do a lot of research then this book is for you. After you read this you will have enough knowledge to last you awhile. If you read this book and The Diary of Anne Frank I think I can safely say you know the basics(and a bit more) about the Holocaust. 


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