150 books? In ONE year? Is that possible?

I want to read 150 books this year. So far I have only read a few. I am going to try to document/rate/review each and every book I read. So is it possible? Only time will tell...

About MEEE!

What do you need to know about me? Well Obviously I like to read. I love knitting. I could literally knit all day. I love music and could lay piano all day too. I love listening to music. My two fave songs atm (at the moment) are Still That Girl by Britt Nicole and Write Your Story by Francesca Botticelli. I love classical music too. I also love Photography. I am not very good a it. However it is a lot of fun. I love getting on the computer and writing away! It feels so magical when your fingers dance across the keyboard. Here are some things you should know about me:

1.) I cannot and I repeat CANNOT draw to save my life

2.) I am not creative. I must have a pattern/recipe/instructions otherwise my brain does not function

3.) I love to text(obvious cuz what teenager doesn't) :p

4.) I am obsessed with different cultures.

5.) I am learning French and Spanish and I love it a lot(too much I think)

6.) Thats all for now.....

Thanks for stopping by its been a pleasure to entertain you with all the little "odd" things you should know about me. BTW if you are reading this a lot of it was said in a sarcastic way(it is all true tho) just kinda hard to write all that emotional stuff in writing.

Currently reading

Robert Louis Stevenson
Margaret Moyes Black
Progress: 50 %
Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationships
Jinger Duggar, Jessa Duggar, Jill Duggar, Jana Duggar
Progress: 51 %
Suzanne Collins
Progress: 16 %
In Freedom's Cause: A Story of Wallace and Bruce (Dover Children's Classics)
G. A. Henty
Progress: 168/320 pages
Beautiful Girlhood
Mabel Hale, Karen Andreola
Progress: 29/208 pages
The Good Girl Revolution: Young Rebels with Self-Esteem and High Standards
Wendy Shalit
Progress: 22/352 pages
God Knows My Size!: Silvia T─ârniceriu
Silvia Tarniceriu, Harvey Yoder
Progress: 32/247 pages