Is there any hope?

— feeling horror
I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust - Livia Bitton-Jackson

In a moment Elli Friedman's world had flipped 365 degrees. Where she once went to a nice school now she was on her way to a ghetto. Where she once had many friends...now she had non. She hated the star of David she wore on every article of clothing. Her friends had left her because of it. life seemed pretty hopeless.

But then just as she is about to be sent to her death the guard sends her the other way...the way to a living hell....but at least she now has a chance at life...

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I loved this book. Livia Bitton Jackson is a very good writer. She was able to express herself so well that she actually made you feel like you were there. She made you feel like you had crawled into her mind and was helping her mother and herself survive. I have no idea..not the slightest thought on how she achieved this. But all I know is she is one of the best writer I have ever come across. She kept you on the ede of your seat the whole time.

There is not really anything I did not like. I mean considering as it is a book about the Holocaust it does have a lot of gory stuff in it. But what do you expect.

 This book is not for someone who has a weak stomach or for small children who have nightmares. There are parts where the girl in the book watches S.S. guards kill, torture, yell vulgar things,etc. at people. For me and my siblings it was a very emotional ride. And by the end of the book all three of us were emotionally done. It strips you down to your bare emotions. After reading I Have Live A Thousand Years I looked at life in a completely new light. In a better light. It showed me that things don't matter. The only thing that does matter is life and

if you can somehow keep your mother and brother alive in the most trying situations you can and you are a hero in my eyes. 

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Even though he book is very depressing I recommend you read it. If you want to know about the Holocaust but don't want to do a lot of research then this book is for you. After you read this you will have enough knowledge to last you awhile. If you read this book and The Diary of Anne Frank I think I can safely say you know the basics(and a bit more) about the Holocaust.