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When God Writes Your Love Story: The Ultimate Approach to Guy/Girl Relationships - Eric Ludy, Leslie Ludy

What can I say first about such a wonderful book! I read this a few months ago and let me tell you it was an awesome book! Well...let us jump right in so I can tell you about it. Eric and Leslie Ludy are a married couple who made a few errors in their younger days before meeting each-other. Leslie had many boyfriends and such that she would hang out with and so did Eric however through many trialling times they both finally gave the pen of their life to God and what happed was utterly amazing.

I loved the couples writing style. Eric would write 1 chapter and then Leslie would write another chapter and back and forth it went. Each point they tried to get across started with a story - a true story. The stories were not boring either. One story was particularly interesting.

A man was being sent off to war and he was at Grand Central Station. He was in the library thumbing through a book when he saw a young ladies fine hand writing he said he was gonna write her. As luck would have it her address was in the front cover. He was shipped off to war and then he wrote her a letter. She actually wrote him back(surprisingly) They wrote each-other throughout the whole war and finally when the war was over they were gonna meet at Grand Central Station. The lady had told him in a letter that she would be wearing a rose in her buttonhole. So he arrived at the station and looked and saw the lady with the rose in her buttonhole and started towards her. However as he was walking towards her he stopped...right in front of the lady was the most gorgeous lady he had ever seen. She had a slim body and beautiful features. He had to make a hard decision then and there go up to the gorgeous lady or go to the lady he had been writing(she was a bit chubby) He went up to the lady with a rose in her buttonhole and said "You must be __ __" The lady said, "Oh no I am not. That lady insisted that a wear this rose in my buttonhole she said it was some sort of test and that you will be able to find her at the restaurant." After this they were happily married.

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Anyway I told you that story just as a sampler of what was in the book. I have no negative things to say about the book because it was very well written. So...

Overall I think every girl (and guy) who wants to stay pure until they go to the alter should read this. Even if you have already lost your virginity you should still read this book because there is a lot of good content in it. (there is also a section for people who have lost their virginity and it tells them what to do) Great read and I recommend anyone who is 14+ and not married to read this - guy or girl alike. :)